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(Left Photo) Samaritan House Rescue Shelter, 210 W. Main Street - men's emergency housing, men's free clothing, chapel service and community meals program.


(Right Photo) Caring Center, 156 N. Plymouth Avenue - Men's Christian Life Recovery Program, free clothing for women and children. Also the location for administrative staff.


Established in 1952, the Open Door Mission is a privately funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization chartered in the state of New York and relies primarily upon the private donations from the community to run its programs.









Open Door Mission was founded by Executive Director Grant N. Speicher. Founding board members included Harold Oswald and John Keyes. 


John Keyes appointed Executive Director. The Mission moves from its start-up location at the corner of West Main Street and Plymouth Avenue North to 210 West Main Street.




Harold Oswald appointed Executive Director and begins providing clothes, evening meals and chapel services to an average of 15 people a day. Rev. Oswald leads until 1974.



Kenneth Fox becomes Executive Director.



Christian Life Addiction Recovery Program is established.



Men's Emergency Housing Program established.



Free Clothing Distribution Program for woman and children established.



The Mission purchases a building at 156 North Plymouth Avenue, currently known as the Caring Center, which is designed to accommodate the Christian Life Addiction Recovery Program, Women and Children's Clothing Distribution Program and administrative offices.



Ronald Fox appointed the Executive Director.




Michael Hennessy appointed Executive Director. Initiated the First Step Program at the Samaritan House Rescue Shelter, which moved 160 men into permanent housing in the first year.