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At Easter, your generous online gift will show men, women and children that THERE IS HOPE.

Homeless man eating nutritious meal - please help Nick had a “chronic alcohol problem” that’s done quite a bit of damage to his liver. He was living with a sister and her husband, but was having problems with balance…he kept falling down and hurting himself. A friend at church told Nick about our Christian Life Recovery program, and he knew it was the place he wanted to be.

His strong faith has carried Nick through a lot of turmoil…through ways of living that were “destructive and a highway to hell.” Today, he has an inner peace that has come from giving himself to Christ.

For thousands of hungry, homeless people struggling to find their next meal, the Open Door Mission is where hunger ends and hope begins.

Just $2.05 provides one hot, nutritious meal. A meal that can save a life.

Your secure online gift will provide hearty meals, safe shelter and give more hurting souls like Nick hope for brighter tomorrow. Thank you!