Taking that first step.

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William took the first step toward changing his life when he came to our Samaritan House Shelter.

He had been living in an apartment over a bar…not the ideal location for someone who has struggled with drinking problems.

When William needed another place to stay, a case worker at Social Services recommended Samaritan House, where he could get a bed and meals for 14 days while he looked at other options.

“I did well, so they gave me an extension for another 60 days,” William said proudly. “I help out by doing volunteer work…helping clean, doing laundry and taking out the trash.”

When he’s not working around the Mission, William is relearning his way around Rochester. “I used to work here 20 years ago, at the Powers Building on State and Main,” he says. “So I know the area a little bit, and I’m getting better.” In addition to William’s work helping clean and do laundry for our 40-bed dorm area and showers, he also attends Chapel Service and a weekly Bible study conducted by local pastors and ministries who partner with the Mission.

Because our emergency shelter only serves breakfast and dinner, William comes here to the Caring Center each day for lunch, where he meets the men in our long-term Life Recovery Program. Many of them have talked to him about joining the program, and William finally made the decision to do so.

William is grateful to the people who support the Mission and help people in need find a better life. “You don’t want to see anybody homeless,” he says. “People need to go somewhere, and they can always talk to the staff here and they will help you with anything.”

More than 600 homeless men, women and children will look for shelter in Rochester tonight. Our mission is to continue to help all we can while developing better, more effective ways to meet not only their physical needs, but their emotional and spiritual ones as well.

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