Kenny’s hope was renewed!

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Until he started smoking marijuana and drinking, Kenny was a good student and athlete in high school. “The alcohol changed me,” he says. “I had more courage to speak to girls and such. I fell in love with alcohol.”

He went on to find work, marry, and start a family, but continued drinking and using drugs. “My mother was paying our rent and buying our food,” he says. “I was stealing the food stamps we had and living a reckless and selfish life.”

Kenny’s marriage fell apart and his addictive behavior alienated him from his parents and siblings. Before long, he was living in the subway, eating from dumpsters, hopeless.

“I looked down at the raging Genesee River and said, ‘I’m going to jump in.’ About halfway there, the Lord spoke to me. He said, ‘Take My hand and I’ll show you the way.’ I fell before Him. I was broken before Him and I’ve been on this Christian journey ever since.”

Kenny’s family had once brought him to the Open Door Mission, but now he returned on his own and entered our Christian Life Recovery Program. “They taught us to know Christ,” Kenny says. “My hope has been renewed and I have a foundation built on a Rock, not on shifting sand anymore.”

A program graduate, Kenny now serves as Assistant Supervisor of our Samaritan House Rescue and Shelter Center. “I’m there, telling people the great things that the Lord has done for me,” he says. “The word of God says, ‘He will give you more than you can ever imagine.’ I am extremely blessed.”

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